Gloving up

Perth-based biotechnology startup Liquim has announced a distribution agreement for its fully biodegradable glove.
Known as RevoGlov, the general-purpose, non-sterile, non-medical glove uses Liquim’s patented invisible microfilm barrier technology and will be manufactured in Perth.
Liquim chief executive Sheryl Frame said RevoGlov would be distributed to more than 120 countries through automotive after-care manufacturer Lion Holding International’s distribution network.

The four-year-old company’s new product allows wearers to experience maximum dexterity and sensory functionality, including the ability to use fingerprints on devices.
The microfilm glove is applied like hand gel and simply washes off with water, unlike vinyl, plastic and latex gloves, which end up in landfill and take years to break down.
Liquim founder and chief scientific officer Velimir Pajic said the natural-origin, plant-based, alcohol-free microfilm technology used in RevoGlov was originally developed in response to a call from the World Health Organisation for companies to develop solutions to prevent the spread of COVID.

Mr Pajic said the first use of this technology was in research and development of a nasal spray (not yet available for sale in Australia).
“Independent in-vitro testing shows Liquim’s microfilm offers greater than 99.99 per cent efficacy as a barrier to block the three most common respiratory viruses: Rhinovirus, Influenza A and Human Coronavirus OC43,” he said.
“Our microfilm technology acts as a barrier on the surfaces like mucosal lining and skin.

“The focus of Liquim is to utilise this technology to protect people, maintaining general health and wellbeing, and to protect our planet by reducing plastic pollution.”


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