Finding better ways to protect people & planet

Liquim Ltd is an Australian research and development company focused on developing novel products from natural-origin and plant-based ingredients.

Our microfilm barrier technology has a diverse range of consumer-focused applications, including some of our nasal sprays, biodegradable gloves, and specialised cosmetics.

Liquim is working to minimise illness from exposure to harmful microroganisms, allergens and pollution. Our microfilm barrier technology is designed to be gentle on humans while reducing impact on the planet.


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The impact of pollution is everywhere.

High Carbon emissions has now become a key focus of Governments around the world.

Each day we are exposed to an invisible storm of airborne allergens, harmful pollutants including microplastics, and potent viruses.
This impacts our well-being, manifests in illnesses and harms our planet.

Fact: Each person ingests plastic equivalent to one credit card each week.


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Protection from Airborne and Surface Particles

In-vitro testing has shown Liquim’s microfilm barrier technology blocks even the smallest microorganisms like those causing the common cold and flu.

By way of extrapolation from the in vitro evidence, larger particles like smoke, dust, pollen and other allergens, may not be able to penetrate our microfilm barrier.

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Novel plant-based solutions

Liquim focusses on developing natural-origin solutions that provide a user-friendly experience with minimal environmental impact.

  • Alcohol-free
  • Vegan
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Recyclable packaging

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Multiple consumer-focused applications

The invisible microfilm barrier lends itself to a wide variety of consumer products designed to protect people from airborne particles that can impact nasal passages, skin, and general health and wellbeing. Because it uses natural-origin plant-based ingredients, Liquim’s microfilm barrier technology is ideal for:
  • Nasal, oral, and ocular sprays
  • Novel skin barriers
  • Cosmetic applications


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