Our Technology

Liquim’s patented microfilm barrier technology is a hydrogel coating which can be used in a variety of formulations and application systems.


Our Technology

Liquim’s patented microfilm barrier technology is a hydrogel coating which can be used in a variety of formulations and application systems. Every Liquim Solution is developed with the aim of providing optimum efficacy and consumer experience.

  • Plant-based
  • Natural-origin
  • Naturally sourced
  • Vegan
  • Alcohol-free

In addition, Liquim products are designed to reduce impact on the planet.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable in composition and formulation
  • Uses recyclable packaging
  • Developed with a minimal carbon footprint to support ESG initiatives



Liquim’s microfilm barrier technology has application across three major sectors including medical, industrial and cosmetic.

Within each sector, there are numerous opportunities and sub sectors, e.g. automotive, electronics, aviation, military, and more.

Liquim Technology


The mucous membrane coating the inside of the nasal cavity is the first line of defence against harmful agents. It’s the first step in how the human body filters pollutants and allergens – particularly solid particles – from entering the respiratory tract. A healthy mucosa provides an environment to warm and humidify air entering the lungs. The function relies on healthy, moist nasal mucosa.

Viruses enter the respiratory tract through the nasal mucosa lining. If the mucosa becomes dry – a common event for people who travel, work in air-conditioned or dry environments, or use CPAP machines – viruses also have a greater chance of penetrating the mucosa lining of the respiratory tract.

Nasal sprays are generally recommended for:

  • People travelling or spending time near other people
  • Allergy sufferers
    People who have dry noses and are susceptible to nosebleeds
  • People in air-conditioned or low humidity environments
  • People living in areas where the air is highly polluted
  • Sleep apnoea sufferers, especially those using CPAP machines



Unlike our barrier solutions, Respi-VIVA Nasal Spray is a medical product listed in Australia (AUSTL 399835). It is intended to help people maintain their nasal health and improve their wellbeing.

Respi-VIVA, is developed for, and registered in, the Australian market to help people maintain their nasal health and improve their wellbeing. Our triple action formula uses a natural origin, plant-derived, alcohol free solution that contains a range of electrolytes essential for maintaining, soothing and supporting nasal mucosa. When sprayed inside the nasal passage,
Respi-VIVA relieves discomfort caused by drying and supports a healthy mucosal lining.

  • Soothes and relieves irritated nasal mucosa
  • Keeps your nasal passages healthy
  • Relieves dry-nose symptoms that may cause bleeding
  • Assists in alleviating dry-nose symptoms
  • Natural-origin and plant-derived solution
  • Packed with electrolytes
  • Suitable for both dry and humid environments

For more information about Respi-VIVA, contact us.

NOT AVailable in australia

NasoAID Nasal Spray

NasoAID nasal spray is a preventative solution that is registered on Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK as a Medical Device.

It is intended to block pollutants, including allergen particles, and harmful microorganisms, down to the smallest of them all, Rhinovirus – the cause of the common cold which can be as small as 20nm

  • Soothes and relieves irritated nasal mucosa by forming an instant, short-term barrier against airborne irritants
  • Blocks pollution and harmful microorganisms
  • Keeps your nasal passages healthy
  • Relieves dry-nose symptoms, which may cause bleeding
  • Assists in alleviating dry-nose symptoms
  • Natural origin with no known side effects
  • Suitable for both dry and humid environments

For more information about Respi-VIVA, contact us.



Skin (dermis) is the largest human organ. It separates and protects our bodies from the environment by providing a physical barrier against harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and various external factors.
Our dermis provides protection in multiple ways.

It produces immune cells and compounds, and generates an environment that microbes struggle to breach. Skin also provides the body protection against physical and chemical harm, UV radiation, and allergens.

Liquim’s microfilm barrier technology provides an ideal way to protect human skin during situations when we know our dermis is at risk, like handling irritants or harmful substances.

It also provides a perfect way to deliver additional benefits to our skin, especially as a facial primer and other potential cosmetic skin care routines.

Coming Soon

Non-Surgical Barrier Glove

Made from natural-origin, plant-based ingredients, Liquim’s Microfilm Barrier Glove could provide a safe, effective alternative to single-use, non-surgical and general-purpose disposable gloves. A biodegradable gel, based on Liquim’s patented microfilm barrier technology, which dries within 30 – 60 seconds when applied to the hands, leaving a smooth coating.

This coating is strong but flexible, and protects the wearer with no loss of sensation. The microfilm barrier glove is water-soluble and easily washes off, unlike many other single-use gloves which take years to degrade and significantly contribute to pollution of the planet.
Ideal for:

  • Personal hygiene, especially in crowded areas like public transport, airports, or shopping centres
  • Industrial use for dry environments like assembly, automotive, technology, military, textiles, and dry food production


Cosmetic Primer

Facial skin can be the most sensitive skin on our body. It’s also where we tend to apply the most product. Liquim’s patented microfilm barrier technology makes an ideal base for novel skin primers.

There’s an increasing trend towards natural make-up and primers as people move to protect themselves against the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals in make-up. Liquim’s microfilm barrier platform is alcohol-free, plant-based and uses natural-origin skin friendly ingredients making it suitable for consumers sensitive to alcohol and various synthetic chemicals.

Liquim’s Cosmetic Primer provides a stable base for make-up application. It allows sensitive facial skin to be protected from the negative effects of make-up. In addition, it helps maintain skin health by delivering various customised skin nutrients based on skin age and requirements.


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