Laboratory tests confirm effective barrier performance – blocking multiple respiratory virus types

Laboratory tests confirm effective barrier performance – blocking multiple respiratory virus types

Latest test results show Liquim’s leading formulation blocks 99.99% of three types of respiratory viruses from reaching cells where they could initiate infection. In vitro results showed 99.99% of human Coronavirus OC43, Influenza H1N1 virus and human Rhinovirus strains were blocked.

Barrier performance was confirmed by culture and PCR-based methods.

Stopping inhaled viruses from reaching cells and establishing infection is a promising approach to preventing some of the most common respiratory illnesses caused by viruses, including seasonal colds and flu.

These important laboratory test results strengthen Liquim’s growing portfolio supporting the use of intranasal sprays to prevent infection with three of the most common respiratory viruses. Tests were performed by a UK-based,  third-party leading contract research organization with laboratories in the UK and USA. These laboratories are UKAS accredited, GLP compliant, and ISO 9001 certified.

Whilst we have previously shown that Liquim’s formulations block human Coronavirus 229E, successfully blocking Human Coronavirus OC43, Influenza H1N1 and human Rhinovirus means that Liquim’s barrier technology blocks even some of the smallest respiratory viruses.

Respiratory infections like the common cold, influenza and COVID-19 continue to affect people worldwide. We are excited that Liquim barrier technology shows promise in being able to prevent  respiratory infections.

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