Liquim Ltd announced restructure of management positions

In the two years and three months since Liquim’s inception, our biotechnology company has been making strong progress in its goal of providing solutions for a better world.

This rapid growth has necessitated restructuring the organisation to ensure that we can take advantage of all opportunities.

Effective today, I am pleased to announce that I will continue in my role as the Founder, member of the Board of Directors and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).  Having been Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), Sheryl Frame is well placed to step up to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) role, allowing me to focus primarily on science.

Sheryl has been an active member of Liquim’s Management Team and Board of Directors. She brings many years of experience commercialising new technologies, including medical and life sciences. I am delighted to pass the baton to Sheryl to lead the company through the next growth phase.

This restructuring will allow me to focus my full attention on product research and development to grow the current projects and expand Liquim’s core platform technology into other high-demand areas, whilst Sheryl can devote her attention to the strategic direction and commercialisation.

If you would like to discuss opportunities with Liquim Ltd please contact Sheryl Frame



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Name:                       Amanda Houghton                                                    Company name:      Liquim Ltd

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Mobile:                     0418 908 350                                                               Name:                          Velimir Pajic

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DISCLOSURE:         This Announcement was authorised for release by CEO, Velimir Pajic.


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