Liquim. Ltd. announces the appointment of Grant Pestell to the Liquim Board.

“Having worked with Grant over many years in an informal capacity, having him join Liquim’s Board as Chair provides an opportunity to be working with him in a more formal capacity. I hope that together we can make great things happen – Sheryl Frame, Liquim’ s Chief Officer (CEO).

Grant has over 25 years’ experience in commercial and corporate law and in commercial litigation. Grant practices in corporate and commercial law and predominantly dispute resolution and advisory work and has extensive experience advising high net worth clients and both listed and private companies in the Information technology, Automation and Robotics, Biotechnology, Resources, Energy and Construction industries. Managing Director of MPH since 2000 he is regularly involved in and advises on complex commercial disputes, strategic contract negotiations, risk management and large-scale financing/restructuring. He advises on large scale ICT contracts, construction contracts, mining and gas agreements and commercial disputes in that regard and has had extensive dealings with various state governments and probity regimes in respect to tender/contract negotiations and with multi-national companies across the above sectors. He regularly advises public companies and directors on matters of corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and risk management and in the private sector works extensively in the innovation space (digital, AI, robotics/automation and biotech) advising investors and founders on investment, national and international partnerships, commercialisation and scaling and IP strategy/protection.

In 2014, Grant was selected as one of the Global 250 Leading Lawyers in Australia by Lawyer Monthly Magazine.

Grant is currently non-executive Chairman of RooLife Ltd, an artificial intelligence/e-commerce company, non-executive director of Cosol Ltd, an information and technology services provider and previously a non-executive director of information and technology services provider ASG Group Limited. He is also non-executive Chairman of Vudoo Holdings Pty Ltd, an interactive video technology platform and Chair of Aculeus Therapeutics Pty Ltd and previously non-executive Chairman of Fleetsu Pty Ltd, an automotive data analytics platform for connected vehicles.


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DISCLOSURE:         This Announcement was authorised for release by CEO, Sheryl Frame.


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