Liquim’s patented microfilm barrier technology is a hydrogel coating which can be used in a variety of formulations and application systems.

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Non-Surgical Barrier Glove

Made from natural-origin, plant-based ingredients, Liquim’s Microfilm Barrier Glove could provide a safe, effective alternative to single-use, non-surgical and general-purpose disposable gloves. A biodegradable gel, based on Liquim’s patented microfilm barrier technology,  is applied to the hands which dries within seconds, leaving a smooth coating over the hands.

This coating is strong but flexible, and protects the wearer within no loss of sensation. The microfilm barrier glove is water-soluble and easily washes off, unlike many other single-use gloves which take years to degrade and significantly contribute to pollution of the planet.
Ideal for:

  • Personal hygiene, especially in crowded areas like public transport, airports, or shopping centres
  • Industrial use for dry environments like assembly, automotive, technology, military, textiles, and dry food production


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